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Rich here, welcome to my internet marketing blog.

The Rich Snippet is designed to answer Internet Marketers [IMs] most frequently asked questions in one place, through clear and actionable ‘snippets’ of content.

It’s very common amongst those driven to progress within IM to feel: information overload, frustrated at making little to no progress and not knowing where and who to source reputable guidance from.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up – Thomas Edison

It’s clear, judging by what I hear and see everyday that there can be polarising views, unproductive advice and bad common practice around. [beware of ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ with ‘secrets’]

There are also some great, trusted sources and its important to learn how to tell the difference.

Having been a member of many of the worlds leading IM groups for a long time, as well as working with some of the worlds leading online media authorities for years, I realised that many internet marketers and leading content creators have the same challenges and often end up asking the same questions.

Our Shared Common Goal – it’s all possible

There are large media businesses and ‘soloprereneurs’ who are running profitable and financially sustainable websites and digital marketing campaigns right now.

Yes your content can be highly visible on social media and organic search.

Yes you can create content that attracts purchase intent.

Yes you can attract visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Yes your campaigns & content can work for you like a 24/7 employee adding value to peoples lives.

Yes your content can put you at the forefront of a communtiy where they demand you lead them.

Yes you can get a 100% ROI on your advertising.

Yes you can sell direct advertising space at a premium on your website.

Yes you can promote offers to targeted demographics and convert on CPA.

Is it easy? No.

internet marketing FAQs

If anyone does tell you it’s ‘easy’ then run a mile and keep your wallet closed, you’re being targeted as a ‘top of funnel’ prospect to them and it’s total BS.

Keep that in mind and congratulations, you’ve already saved yourself months or years of bad advice and crappy regurgitated course content.

You’re welcome.

It can be a mine field out there when looking to learn and apply internet marketing techniques, and you’re right to think it too.

The best advice I can give from experience is to approach what you do as a business and strive to add value.

Not a quick win but a journey to become a competent internet marketer who’s foundation is that of adding value to businesses & communities.

Simply put, if your business doesn’t solve a common problem then your business will soon become one – The Rich Snippet

I started building websites with a view to turn a profit in 2001 on a 56k modem and raw HTML.  After a long series of website ‘failures’ I have gained a lot of valuable information when it comes to building and sustaining profitable websites.

Each one of these failures experienced has uncovered something hugely valuable –  understanding what does and doesn’t work with internet marketing.  It also helps me spot bad advice and practice from a mile away when I see it.

Do I know everything there is to know about internet marketing?  No.

Am I open to differing opinions and being challenged on my views? Yes, always.

There is no silver bullet or ‘secret’ in IM success.  It is a string of disciplines executed together that creates the ‘art’.

Anyone who says they know everything about internet marketing is either lying or deluded.  It is a constantly changing market and there is always something new to learn and apply. Period.

The most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit. Frank Kern

Digital Performance Marketing

‘The Rich Snippets’ on this site cover the main core components of digital performance marketing, the lifeblood of digital marketing profit:

SEO – You’ve spent ages creating the content, make sure people actually find it when searching online, making sure that your content serves user intent.

PPC – Just like Frank Kern says – ‘the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit’

Social – building, serving and leading communities that share a common goal, passion or problem

Content – inspire, educate, inform and influence  – never create content for contents sake.  You must create content deliberately, with purpose and with a pre-determined desired action for traffic.

Analytics – what gets tracked gets measured.  Data always over ‘gut feel’ –  without accurate analytics you’re trying to ‘boil the ocean.’

Affiliate – The art of promoting other businesses products and services and making a profit.

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Thanks, Rich.