What is affLIFT and how will it help you learn affiliate marketing?

affLIFT is a premium online forum set up by the head of marketing at PeerFly, Luke Kling.  Luke has designed this forum to help you learn affiliate marketing.

PeerFly is one of the most popular and reputable CPA [cost per action] marketing networks around today.

A community that covers everything you need to know about affiliate marketing – affLIFT

I’ve been a member of affLIFT, a CPA marketing forum since it went live around May 2018.  Before then I was and still am a PeerFly affiliate publisher and an active member of the PeerFly Facebook group.

Hm, I need to get me some of that revenue.

Once you start working with PeerFly and following their Facebook group, where Luke Kling is actively answering affiliate marketers questions every day, you quickly realise that this is a professional outfit.

He also posts his earnings regularly, as you can see he knows what he’s doing and yields consistent results…

A typical month with 2,451 conversions.
One month revenue.

Two of the most important factors for me when choosing which CPA networks to use are:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Communication

Don’t play about with dodgy looking networks that hustle black hat offers and provide no trace of support or communication.

Want a reliable and reputable network with excellent support? Join PeerFly.

So how, when you want to learn affiliate marketing does affLIFT come into play?

Simply put, look at the realistic results above that Luke regularly shares

affLIFT is where he shows you how to do it.

Here’s a sneak peak inside…

learn affiliate marketing

When you become a member of the affLIFT community, you get what I consider to be the two most important things when you want to learn affiliate marketing:

  1. Step by step video walk-throughs of building and optimising affiliate marketing campaigns
  2. A helpful, professional and experienced group of members that support you

There is a third, and as you might guess a premium community is just that – premium.

Premium Forums

Some of the older forums like STM charge around $100 per month to be a member.  Unless your affiliate marketing business allows for that cash flow, then you’re probably not going to join forums like STM and you’ll miss out on valuable tips and insight.

Shame right?


affLIFT provides this huge amount of value for 20 dollars per month.

Twenty dollars per month, as far as I’m concerned is an absolute no-brainer for this information – Rich

Not only do you learn a huge amount by watching the step by step tutorials, networking with the community, posting problems to get solutions, but you also share your knowledge to help others as you learn.

Giving back is hugely rewarding, especially after you start seeing revenue come in. You become a relative expert.


So I’m a member of affLIFT, it’s a great community full of practical help, inspiration and motivation for people that want to learn affiliate marketing.

I know for a fact that there are affiliate marketing ‘rock stars’ floating around in affLIFT, because I speak with them on there.

It’s founded by and headed up by one of the most visibly engaged and reputable CPA marketers in the business.

Click the button below, see you on the inside and let’s link up  – search for ‘Rich’ on affLIFT!

learn affiliate marketing

p.s. Remember to join PeerFly!