How to host multiple websites for the price of one?

Is it even possible to learn how to host multiple websites, for the cost of hosting one website?

Many internet marketers are in a position where they need to run several websites at once, for example if they’re operating different WordPress sites, landing pages etc each having there own domain and content.

how to host multiple websitesIf you’re running multiple websites each with their own dedicated hosting then costs quickly mount up.  Imagine have 10 sites each costing you upward of $40 per year, just to host them.

Did you know there is a way to host multiple websites using the worlds leading WordPress endorsed hosting company?

Enter Bluehost & Addon Domains

As an internet marketer needing to host several websites this is your holy grail, surprisingly this tactic is often overlooked with online marketers paying out way more than they need to on hosting.

What is an Addon domain?

An Addon domain is a fully functioning domain that is ‘added on’ to a main hosting package.  Every hosting company has its own packages that will allow a certain amount of addon domains, some offer none.

The perfect solution to host multiple websites

This is why Bluehost is one of the worlds leading hosting companies for running multiple websites:

  1. They are fully endorsed and recommended by WordPress
  2. They offer a hosting package at a hugely competitive rate to host UNLIMITED addon domains

In a nutshell, every package [except the basic package] offers you the ability to host an unlimited amount of websites for the cost of one.

What you need to do next:

  1. Click here to view the Bluehost hosting packages
  2. Choose to buy either the Shared Hosting ‘Plus’ or ‘Prime’ hosting plans

Once you’ve purchased either the Plus or Prime hosting plans, you’ll want to register at least one domain with the hosting package. This domain will be your main ‘hubsite’ e.g. joebloggsmarketing dot com.

Once the domain is registered you’ll want to access the hosting CPanel, and head to Addon Domains.

There you’ll be able to assign any domain to your hosting package and install WordPress, just as if it had its very own dedicated hosting packages.

For a full guide on how to install addon domains with Bluehost watch the walk-through videos below.

Conclusion: I am really impressed with the value found in Bluehost’s unlimited addon packages.  Along with excellent uptime and speed performance, I am more than happy to recommend Bluehost.

View the Bluehost Unlimited Addon packages here


Video: Install Addon Domain in Blue Host


Video: Install Wordress on addon domain in Bluehost