Becoming a Facebook ad spy just got a hell of a lot easier.

Congratulations, you’re about 60 seconds away from be able to view your competitors Facebook ads and being a fully fledged Facebook ad spy, totally free and with no third party software services involved.

Before Facebook’s recent update which I walk through below, most likely brought about by recent GDPR laws being put in place, you had to use spy tools such as Adplexity which are great tools but do come at a hefty price.

How do you become a Facebook ad spy?

Facebook have just added a new feature on Facebook pages where you can now view all of that pages live Facebook ads.  The emphasis is on live ads, not ads that have run and ended.

Here’s how you do it:

1.  Head over to the Facebook page who’s live ads you want to see, for example here we’re heading over to Russell Brunson’s page

Facebook ad spy

2. Scroll down their page on the left hand side Facebook has added a new linked called ‘Info & Ads’, circled in red below. Click on that link.

facebook ad spy

3. What you see next is a full breakdown of all the live ads the Facebook page has running, in the case of Russell here he has a LOT of ads running.

facebook ad spy


Being a Facebook ad spy before this update was costly through the use of expensive spy tools and sometimes an unreliable practice, where a particular social ad scraper could be missing ads.  However, one of the big benefits of these ad spy tools such as Adplexity is that they cache the ads once they find them, so you’ll be able to see ads run in the past also.

What Facebook has done here though is both excellent for us marketers wanting an insight into our competitors Facebooks ads, but it does also throw open the ability of YOUR competitors seeing your ads too.

It’s a double edged sword but ultimately, if used correctly and your competitors aren’t switched on to this tactic, you could be one step ahead of them.