A common question asked when people are direct linking CPA offers using Bing Ads is how to track which keywords converted.

So how do you track keyword conversions when direct linking CPA offers using Bing Ads ?

The solution is actually very simple, just follow the steps below, here we’re using the PeerFly interface as an example.:

1. Add the following tokens to the S1, S2 and S3 fields within the PeerFly offer page:

{KeyWord} – this will track the target keyword you set up in Bing Ads
{QueryString} – this will show you the actual keyword typed
{AdId} – this will track which ad led to the click or conversion

Here’s a screen shot of what it should look like in the PeerFly offer page.

Bing Ads Keyword Tracking CPA Afflliate

Your affiliate tracking link should now end with this:


Match Type

It’s also important to note that if your keywords are set to ‘Exact’ match then {QueryString} reporting will be, or should be the same as {Keyword}

When your keyword is set to ‘Broad’ or ‘Phrase’ match, {QueryString} will show you exactly what was typed.

This is very useful when tracking keyword performance using CPA networks and direct linking on Bing Ads, without the need for a third party tracker.

You’ll see which ads and keywords are converting and which once are not.  Scale up the keywords that are converting and remove the ones that aren’t.

Pro Tip –  {QueryString} when used with ‘Broad’ match might uncover some great converting keywords that you might have missed or would have never thought of.

Happy tracking.