People talk about Clickbank Gravity a lot but what does it actually mean?

When you’re logged into Clickbank and you navigate to the the market place to search offers, you’ll come across a page that looks something like this, you’ll see the Clickbank Gravity figure immediately under each offer:

Clickbank Gravity

Pro-tip: click on the magnifying glass with an empty ‘find products’ search field and you’ll see the highest selling affiliate offers ordered highest to lowest.

Circled in red above you’ll you see a number referenced as ‘Grav’ followed by a number.  This number represents the amount of Clickbank Gravity the offer has.

Simply put, Clickbank Gravity is the amount of ‘sellers’ or ‘affiliates’ that have sold at least one unit of this product.

So in the above example, we can see that 221 affiliates have made at least one sale promoting this offer.

What the Clickbank Gravity figure doesn’t tell you however is how many times one seller has made a sale. For example, using the above Clickbank Gravity figure of 221, we know that 221 affiliates have made at least one sale.

This could mean that 221 people have made one sale each, or 5 of the 221 affiliates have made 1000 sales.

It’s difficult to tell, however if you follow the pro-tip above and click the empty ‘find products’ search field in Clickbank, the most popular/ highest selling offers are shown ordered highest to lowest.

Pro-tip: take a look at the offers landing page, is it responsive i.e. works well on mobile & tablet traffic?  Also is the offer landing page of high quality?  Ask yourself, if you saw this offer and this landing page, would you buy it?

Given that Clickbank is one of the worlds leading affiliate offer networks paying out over $1m in affiliate revenue each month, it’s safe to say that looking at the offers in this order means that that they’re selling well.

Conclusion – Paying attention to the Clickbank Gravity figure is important, it is a representation of how well a particular offer is converting, however do not use it as the only criteria when choosing which Clickbank offers to promote.

For example, you could see an offer with low Clickbank Gravity, however the offer itself is an ideal fit for your audience, in which case it’s worth testing out the offer.

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